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Your First Visit

Taking the First Step Towards Improving Your Health

What is the first visit to our clinic like?

  • On your first visit you will fill out the symptoms survey (you can do that on line)
  • You'll take a test to determine your body composition
  • You'll spend time with the doctor discussing your health history
  • The doctor will make a preliminary evaluation using muscle testing and examining acupressure points
  • He will speak with you about you're current health concerns
  • You may do a heart rate variability test if necessary
  • You may do computerized muscle function test

You won't be treated or prescribed a program at this time. The doctor will review all the information secured from your first meeting and compile a report of findings.

When you come in for your next visit a staff specialist will have a

  • Complete profile of your current health situation
    • Including all your symptoms
    • Health and fitness goals
    • Health restoration program recommended by the doctor.
  • All your questions will be addressed before you begin treatments.
  • We won't ask you to set up a third appointment unless we believe you are good candidate for one of our programs.

Depending on your situation treatment may start on this appointment, for very painful situations treatment may begin on the first visit.

Free Phone Consult



Please, consider the following:

With ordinary medicine you see your doctor, you describe a symptom, you get a pill.

At Holistic Health Solutions the process is very different

  • First we give you an education about how your body actually works. That's why:
    • We created this web site
    • Provide a book to read
    • Provide a DVD to watch,
    • Conduct seminars.
    • We offer a free telephone consult (or come in if you like) so you can talk to us about your individual health concerns.
  • At this point you are in the best situation possible for the exam.

If you are now more educated in what we do we will be able to offer you a discount because you will be saving us the time explaining all the material that relates to your ability to improve your health.

Read the web site -FREE

Read the book -FREE

Watch the DVD (19 minutes) -FREE



The initial exam will include the following:

  • A complete history of your health
  • Evaluation of your intake forms
  • Assessment of your health goals compared to where you are now.
  • A physical exam consisting of:
  • Palpation of acupressure points of the spine to determine areas of stress.
  • Muscle testing exam to see where the body has attention
  • A contact reflex analysis exam to look for the best herbs or other products for you body.
  • A BRT (body restoration technique) exam for toxic triggers and food stresses . $Call
  • A heart rate variability test. $Call
  • A body fat analysis. $Call
  • If one of your symptoms is PAIN of any kind and we feel you are a good candidate for our program we will also do an initial micro point mini treatment so you can see a difference in your pain. $Call

    Cost/Insurance/HSA (Health Savings Account)

    This web site, the free book, free DVD, free seminar, and free consult should help you decide whether or not you want to go forward with an initial exam.

    Remember, if you watch the FREE DVD (19 minutes) or attend our FREE seminar the heart variability test, the body fat analysis and first mini-treatment is FREE. We offer this discount because you will understand so much more by watching the DVD or attending our seminar. This will save us a lot of time because so many of your questions will have been answered.

    During your initial exam we will go over your health survey, assess your current health level and discuss your health goals. This exam will take 30 minutes to 1 hour.

    Based on this exam we will create a customized program for you and discuss this with you on your next visit. We call this visit a "report of findings".

    There is no charge for this visit. The "report of findings" is FREE.

    When you come in for your "report of findings" we will discuss the following:

    • If we can help you or not.
    • Our treatment methods
    • How we will tailor a treatment program to meet your individual needs.
    • The products we recommend for you.
    • The approximate number of visits you may require to meet your health goals.
    • How and when we will make dietary changes.
    • How we will monitor your progress.
    • What you may expect to spend.
    • How we will help you maintain your health improvements when you have completed your program.

Time & Cost

How Long Will This Take And How Much Will It Cost?

In our office a course of treatment can vary depending on

  • What type of treatment you need
    • We do adjustments, acupressure, micro point therapy, BRT, Bio Set, NAET, urinalysis, Heart Rate Variability, diet consultations, detoxification, posture analysis and rehabilitative exercise. How many treatments you need and in what combination depend on the following:
    • Your health goals.
      • Are you trying to become a performance athlete?
      • Are you trying to reduce a little pain?
      • Are you pretty healthy and trying to prevent problems?
      • Have you waited too long and now have chronic problems and need a complete overhaul?
    • Where are you starting from?
      • If you are 60 years old have high blood pressure, diabetes are 70 pounds overweight it will take a lot more effort than If you are 28 and hurt your shoulder roller-blading.
  • The truth is we don't know what you need until we see you.That being said treatment plans range from about $500 to $6000 over a period of 4 weeks to 2 years. If you just hurt you neck because you "slept wrong" we may be able to do a one or two visit acute care plan. It all depends on you and what you want.

When we see you we will discuss:

  • The types of treatments
  • The frequency of visits
  • The number of visits

From there you can find a program that is suited for your finances, lifestyle and goals.


Supplements, herbs, and vitamins are NEVER covered on any traditional health insurance plan.

The procedures we provide are not covered by most traditional health insurance plans.

What do most traditional health insurance plans cover?

If you have chiropractic coverage you may get reimbursed for chiropractic adjustments only . Most plans only cover typical adjustments that they deem o.k. They do not reimburse for diet, nutrition, supplements, or the other advanced technologies we offer.

We are not on any HMO plans. The only PPO plan we are on is Blue Shield and what they cover varies from plan to plan.

There are some Union insurance plans and private companies that to reimburse for some of our services.

If you want to know if your insurance plan covers any of our services, do the following:

  1. If you have an HMO plan we can assure you that you will not be reimbursed for our services. You don't even need to inquire.
  2. If you participate in a PPO, private, or union insurance plan you can call us and give us the information on your insurance card. We will find out what if any services they cover.

•  There are a few plans that we are familiar with and can give you an idea right away what they will and will not cover.

•  Other plans will require a lot of looking in to. After your initial exam we will check into your insurance plan and when you return for your "report of findings" we will be able to tell you how your insurance may or may not fit in your program.

The reason we can't provide detail of your insurance coverage before the first visit is because it typically takes up to an hour of our time before we can get a human on the phone that can provide us with meaningful information. We limit our investigation of insurance coverage to those patients who come in for their initial exam. We hope you understand.

Auto Accidents - Workers Compensation

Auto Accidents and Workman's Comp injuries:

These are highly specialized cases. Call us and we will look into each case on an individual basis.

Traditional accident or workman's comp insurance is not designed for wellness or prevention. It is simply designed for injuries.

Health Spending Accounts

HSA or Health Spending Accounts

These plans are generally pretty good for covering a wide array of adjustments and therapies. Many people with these plans get reimbursed for a number of services we offer.

However, supplements may not be included. This depends on your plan. We have seen many forms that instruct the doctor to say, "I am prescribing these supplements to cure a disease". We are definitely not using herbs to cure any diseases and will not sign anything that says we are.

All supplements and herbs come under the heading of general well being or support.

Some plans cover this and some don't.

We hope the above insurance explanation helped.

A Short Recap

-No HMO will provide coverage for your program

-Some insurance will cover chiropractic services and then only specific procedures not the advanced procedures we offer here.

-Health spending accounts generally cover more.

-If your are not sure what your plan will cover we will look into it for you but only after your initial exam.

-Auto accidents and workman's comp will be looked into on an individual basis.

-Medicare and Medicaid will not provide coverage for your program.

-Any insurance explanation is never a promise of reimbursement as your insurance company makes the final decision on your health care and treatment.

Insurance coverage is getting WORSE not better. It isn't "Health" insurance. It doesn't actually insure the maintenance of your good health. The best way for you to insure your good health is to do the correct things like, improve your digestion, good nutrition, detoxify, and strengthen your body.

Medicine simply treats symptoms and injuries in order to try and get you back to your pre-symptomatic condition. As though your pre-symptom condition was a healthy condition. But in fact your problems started way before you became symptomatic. That's where we want to get you back too.


If you think good health is expensive take a look at how much bad health costs!!!

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