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Frequently Asked Questions
Can You Treat My Symptoms?

We don't treat medical conditions or symptoms. A symptom is a sign that something else is wrong. We don't want to take the sign away. We want to find out what is wrong. If the cause is corrected, then there is no need for the body to have the sign or symptom.

We want to know WHY the body will keep inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, a frozen shoulder, pain, bloating, gas etc. in an area for day, weeks, months or years. We want to know WHY it won't self correct.

Aren't My Symptoms NORMAL?

Many people think that symptoms are NORMAL. This is absolutely not true. Symptoms are not normal. The definition of symptom is "A sign that something else is wrong." Look it up.

How Long Have You Been Doing This?


How Do Your Techniques work?

The body has self-correction mechanisms. You can access these mechanisms by "pressure points" on the skin, hands, feet, spine and ears. These points are like switches and fuses. These acupressure points have been known for thousands of years. Just like to a computer, the body can be susceptible to viruses, interferences, overloads, blown fuses, shutdowns, frozen programs, and so forth.

How Does The Body Get Energy Blockages?

The body can be damaged by chemicals, toxins, trauma, microbes, injury, poor eating habits, lack of motion, food chemicals, radiation, scars, stress or genetic weaknesses.

All these things can leave confusion and energy blockages at different locations. Just as different trees like to grow in different locations or different climates, these toxins, depending on what they are, tend to lodge in different locations in the body.

How Do Acupressure Points Work?

These points are directly hooked up to the brain. If you touch a hot stove, you automatically pull your hand away. It is involuntary. ACUPRESSURE points are involuntary as well.

If these receptors are damaged the information they give to the brain will be altered until they are re-set.

Once You Find The Problem, How Do You Correct It?

We stimulate the correct acupressure points to re-set the signals to the brain. We use different types of metal pellets, or magnets, (no needles) sometimes we stimulate points with our hands.

Please read the success story section of this site. You really need to experience it yourself. The most dramatic thing to demonstrate is pain relief (although it helps with many problems) because it is so fast and noticeable. There is usually quick relief, often within seconds.

Does This Work On Auto-Accidents?

Yes. We have even seen people get great relief who had broken bones.

Are There Studies?

These principles of acupressure points have been around for 3000 years. We are clinicians, we are focused on getting you better, and we use techniques that work on the patients that we see. Check the internet, you will find many studies on acupressure points.

How Long Does It Last?

There are multiple parts to a health program: Acupressure points (energy blockages), diet, exercise, nerve interference, structure, posture, and body chemistry. The more of these you address better the result. We have methods for affecting all of these components.

How Many Visits Does A Person Need And How Much Does It Cost?

That varies from patient to patient. The first visit evaluation will help give an estimate on the number of visits. It could range from a half a dozen to several dozen visits.  It depends on your current level of health and your health goals.

For more on cost click here.

Does My Insurance Cover It?

Our approach has several techniques in it. Some techniques may be covered, such as chiropractic, some are not. For more on cost, insurance etc. click here

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