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Pain - Posture - Exercises

There Are Five Reasons For Pain

  1. Trauma from an accident or injury
  2. Posture and muscle imbalance
  3. Pinched nerves
  4. Organ dysfunction
  5. Acupuncture meridian energy is blocked

Pain can be chronic or acute:

Acute :  Acute pain is sent out by the nervous system in response to injury or trauma and usually resolves once the injury is treated.

Chronic :  Chronic pain (e.g. joint/ back/ neck/ muscle/ headache/ organic menstrual cramps, pain from side effects of medications etc. or neurologically based) is persistent for months or even years.  This abnormality may have resulted from an accident, disease or a malfunction in the nervous system.  This pain is different because it can influence your everyday life.  It may become difficult or impossible to function and severely impact your daily activities. Chronic pain affects work, sleep and physical activity including exercises, lifting, driving and can lead to chronic fatigue.

Posture imbalance can cause pain

Causes of posture imbalance

  • Your life style. If you spend many hours a day typing in front of a computer or styling hair, or driving or lying down, not moving you will have posture problems and muscle imbalance
  • If you play a sport that is unbalanced such as golf or tennis, you will have posture problems and muscle imbalance.

Muscles move bones! Imbalanced muscles let bones get misaligned. Misaligned bones pinch nerves and therefore you get pain.

Dr. Edrich is certified as an Egoscue Postural Alignment Specialist.

If your complaint is pain then one part of the exam will include a detailed postural exam and muscle function exam showing you exactly where your muscles are imbalanced and how he can help you improve your muscle function, posture and reduce or eliminate your pain.

The Egoscue Method

  • Dr. Edrich is certified in the Egoscue method of postural analysis. This is a unique system created by Pete Egoscue.
  • This is a system to analyze your posture and how your muscles function in order to come up with a specific postural exercise program for you.
  • Typically, you have a session where the practitioner analyzes your posture and takes you through a series of exercises showing you along the way how you posture is improving.
  • You may go through 4 to 8 sessions each increasing in difficulty. In the end you will have a program you can continue with to keep your gains.
  • There are some practitioners who only do this therapy alone and still get excellent results.
  • However we combine this with the meridian micropoint therapy, nutrition and chiropractic to get a better faster, more long lasting holistic result.
  • Depending on your needs we may do full Egoscue sessions or mini-sessions
If your problems are coming form poor posture this will be of great help.

Pinched nerves can cause pain

Due to the postural imbalance you may have pinched nerves causing pain and malfunction. Chiropractic adjustments may be helpful to speed up your healing time and reduce your pain.

Organ Dysfunction can cause pain

According to sciences such as Applied Kinesiology and Chinese Medicine there is direct correlation to between pain and energetic organ dysfunction.

Such as:

  • Kidney or heart cause low back pain
  • Lung, large intestine or small intestine or gall bladder cause shoulder pain
  • Digestion problems cause mid back pain
  • The list goes on. In your exam the doctor will look for these energetic correlations and suggest herbs to help with any malfunction if that is what is needed.

Blocked Acupuncture meridian energy can cause pain.

There is a system of energy in the body known as the acupuncture meridian energy. You may have seen it on acupuncture charts. When this energy system gets blocked pain in often a result.


Meridian Micro Point Therapy

Instead of living with the pain or treating it daily with drugs, The Meridian Micro Point Therapy is used in conjunction with exercise and nutritional supplements.  This multiple system approach combines the time tested theory of Chinese medicine and acupressure with more current holistic sciences of Applied Kinesiology, herbs, homeopathy and nutrition to bring you fast effective drug free relief form many unwanted conditions including CHRONIC OR ACUTE PAIN!

Meridian Micro Point Therapy

Previously only acupuncture needles stuck in theses point would unblock these flows. Now however, we have a gentle, painless, fast effective method of doing the same thing.

  • No Painful Needles!
  • No Undressing!
  • Continue the treatment at home between visits!


We have seen it work faster than anything we know. Even if you don't fix your posture you can still reduce your pain greatly with this method.

Many people who won't do any lifestyle changes, won't exercise, won't change their diet and won't take herbs (which is not recommended) can still get pain relief with this method.

This method is amazing for pain even if the pain is not coming from poor posture such as:

  • Pain from a car accident or other trauma
  • Broken bone
  • Migraines
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Pain from chemotherapy
  • Plantar fasciaitis
  • Sore throat pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Stomach aches
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Stress
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathy

95% of people we have seen feel a noticeable pain reduction in 1 visit.

If you are in pain call today!


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