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Entry-level position:

31 hours a week

Holistic health care clinic. We have a very unique clinic. We have been in business since 1991 and have better results than 99% of clinics that do holistic health care. Even if you have been to chiropractors or acupuncturists, homoeopathists etc, you probably have not seen the type of work we do here. If you find that intriguing read on if you find it weird this is not the place for you.

We do amazing work with people who want to be healthy and don't want to be on drugs. The attitude of someone who works here is that we are totally against conventional drug medicine and want to help people get healthy naturally using, herbs, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupressure diet and exercise.

We are looking for someone who really believes in this cause . The reason is that any employee is a representative of this office and we want people who exhibit this type of healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter what the job you do here - the attitude is very important.

This is an entry-level position and is probably good for someone in school or living at home.

The important things are attitude, reliable transportation because there may be some driving involved. Be very outgoing, happy, not shy, friendly.

You will be assisting the front desk and the 2 doctors.

You need no experience , but your ability to communicate well with anyone is critical.

You should:

  • Know your way around a computer
  • Change ink cartridges
  • Be able to download programs
  • Install software
  • Back up programs
  • Make labels
  • Be able to call the right people to get things to work if they don't.
  • Be familiar with Microsoft Word
  • Be able to figure out a new program when needed.
  • If you can use Microsoft publisher or other graphics program then all the better
  • If you know your way around "My Space" all the better.

Again this is not a "computer job" but these are just basic computer skills that I believe most people need in life.

The job duties vary:

  • Cleaning and vacuuming
  • Changing water in the fish tank
  • Taking out trash
  • Running simple safe chemical tests (I will teach you)
  • Running computerized analysis test on patients (I will teach you)
  • Explaining instructions on our diet program to patients. (I will teach you)
  • Showing patients how to do specific exercises. (I will teach you)
  • Stocking shelves
  • Ordering supplies
  • Putting advertisements in the paper for our clinic
  • You need reliable transportation because we have take one boxes all over town. You will have to pick up those leads from the boxes regularly.
  • You will be calling potential patients for upcoming seminars or to come in to the office for a free consultation. Therefore we need someone with a persuasive up tone attitude.
  • A quality that will make you more valuable to us is your willingness to do surveys about health in a shopping mall or similar place. This helps us to get new patients. This is not a requirement BUT be honest with us. If you say you are willing to do this then we will expect it from you. Also this will make you a more likely candidate to hire . Also, if you are willing to do surveys and get people to come to our clinic, I can bonus you on doing that. Please don't say you are willing to do that if you are not. The way to earn more money is to bring patients in.
  • If you are not willing to do that part of the job, just tell us you will still be considered .
  • We need someone who doesn't miss work much for any reason . There are only 4 people who work (2 doctors the office manager and YOU). If you miss work then we don't have 50% of our staff and that doesn't work well for us. This is a critical part of the job. Being Here. You can schedule days off when you need them, in advance, if it works out with the rest of us but if you are the type who gets sick often and has many family difficulties, drama and lots of emergencies then this is not a good place for you because there is no one else to pick up your work.
  • We are looking for someone who wants to stay around for a year or two.

This is a good job for someone:

  • Who is living at home and isn't trying to fully support themselves at this job.
  • Who is truly interested in alternative health care
  • Really wants to see people get better. And they do!
  • Wants to learn about their own health
  • Feels that they want to stay around for a year or two

Major Benefits form this job:

  • Your good health. We do not offer typical health benefits for drugs and surgery. However, if you pay attention you will learn how to take care of yourself, get well using herbs, homeopathy, acupressure, diet, exercise and chiropractic. You will learn how to get well and stay well using natural methods that you can use on yourself long after the job ends.
  • If you are a chiropractic or acupuncture student you will be years ahead of your classmates
  • We do not charge you for treatment that we do on you here and you may purchase herbs or supplies at big discounts if you need them.

Why we need someone with a healthy lifestyle :

I will teach you how to explain our diet program to patients. So we need someone who believes in that. You do not have to be on our diet program but we are looking for someone who doesn't eat lots of sugar and junk food because you need to promote a healthy lifestyle to another so you must live it to some extent. You don't have to be a complete health nut (although it is OK if you are). We are not vegetarians. It is OK if you are.

We will also teach you how to explain and demonstrate our exercises to patients and to guide them through the exercises as well. These exercises are easy to do but detailed and specific in HOW to do them. So again I need someone who wants to do this both for themselves and the patients.

If you are interested fax resume or a letter about yourself to

There is a spam filter attached to the e-mail so you may get a notice telling you to sign in before the e-mail will be delivered.

To learn more about us go to

The hours we have are

M W F 1:30 to 7:00PM

Tu and Thurs 9:30 to 4:00 PM

Entry Level Position

Pay $8.00 per hour

31 hours per week


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