Skin Moisturizer

Feel fresh with youthful skin.  Have a more
youthful complexion and supple skin.  These
are the benefits of healthy mineral ion water.
It gives an effective massage while taking a
bath everyday and makes the skin beautiful.
It gives me have a lasting beauty.
Shiny Hair

Everybody likes to have shiny hair.
When you shake your hair, there is a halo,
which dazzles the passer-by instantly.  You
get a pleasurable feeling when you touch
your hair. You feel great throughout the day
because of your beautiful hair.         
Resort Hot Spring Feeling

Makes you feel relaxed, just like a hot spring
bath.  Gentle effect of negative-ions relaxes
your mind and body which is very refreshing.
You feel relaxed over a long period of time
and have a new vigor.
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